Lost Treasures of Cincinnati (Reedy Press, 2022) traverses the Queen City’s cultural and physical history, from museums to movie palaces, basketball teams to tea rooms, subways to supper clubs―from what always was to what might have been. A collection of archival photographs, artifacts, and anecdotes, Lost Treasures captures the stories and details of dearly departed local buildings, institutions, events, and attractions. Look for crosstown favorites like Cincinnati Gardens, The 50/50 Club, Tall Stacks, and Crosley Field―places and performances that brought Cincinnati together to spectate and celebrate. Explore destination shopping in downtown Cincinnati at long-shuttered department stores like Gidding-Jenny and Pogue’s. And take in a show at the RKO Albee Theater. Menus and photos recall restaurants and eateries like The Virginia Bakery, Gourmet Room, and The Chili Company. And Lost Treasures looks back to unearth long-lost settings and hidden gems like The Highland House, Mrs. Trollope’s Bazaar, Kenner Toys, and an indoor ice rink at the Netherland Plaza Hotel. These items are more than the sum of their parts: Taken together, they represent a spectrum of experience in our recent and distant past that rings true for Cincinnatians young and old.